Who we are

We are a team of like-minded specialists who dare to be different. We have adopted a simplified approach to marketing  
and work directly with people who…

Like to keep things simple.
Like to make things happen and achieve results.
Like to work with ClearCut as a partner to their business.

There is no revolutionary concept here. But a rare, no-fuss, breed in this industry.

Stacks of knowledge and experience, but without the complexity.

How we work

We want to cut-out the un-necessary

and focus on effective marketing solutions,
how you want them, when you need them.

You’ll get much less with ClearCut than your typical creative services agency.
We promise!

Less flannel, fuss and uncertainty

Just more of the things you actually need
...ideas, action, results.
Backed up with lots of integrity.

We don’t believe in a confused approach full of unnecessary mumbo jumbo.
But, we do believe in getting stuck in and getting our hands dirty.

Using our experience to just make things happen.

What we do

Because we’re not new on this block we have a deep
understanding and experience of all the tools you may need to deliver your creative services or marketing strategy.

Of course, we handle all the traditional things such as:
brand development, creative campaigns, advertising, product launches, digital strategy, websites, apps to name just a few.

Along with the latest in iOS and Android AR & VR experiences that push new boundaries and engage your audience in new ways!

But, we also provide the operational support that often small businesses are lacking as it it not a role that necessarily requires a full-time focus.  We provide a wide range of services from weekly/monthly admin and financial support through to the review and implementation of a wide range of internal processes.

Our varied background across many sectors and industries, nationally and globally,
means we can partner any type of business.

You throw at us a wish list of objectives…it gets done!
Simple. Straightforward. ClearCut



Using grounded commerical experience to support you in building the foundations for your business, ensuring the best in working practices and the most efficient methods in service and delivery



Working with you to deliver strategy, planning, integrated campaigns, events, launches, branding, advertising & social.

digital project management

digital project management

Freelance digital project managment to support you in the delivery of website design, website development, e-commerce, iOS & Android augmented reality & virtual reality experiences.

Working with you

Supporting agencies, creative professionals and businesses across the region with freelance project management & operational support.

ClearCut can help you establish and manage the foundations of your business so it can scale, adapt to change and efficiently deliver high quality solutions. We use our experience in project delivery and operations to provide a simple and efficient adhoc service that streamlines the delivery of any project or service.

Services include:
Resource and workflow planning
Client/team liaison
Process review and recommendations
Financial planning and ongoing support
Process implementation
Business management & administration

Flexible packages are available. Please get in touch for details.

What's new

Are you struggling to break through the glass ceiling?

Are you at full capacity? Struggling with resource, but don’t want to invest in a full-time or permanent position?

We support businesses like yours! Providing freelance project management and operational support to take away some of the day-to-day pressures of running a creative business. We can help you see the wood for the trees and establish a solid foundation on which to achieve your goals.

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Are you struggling to break through the glass ceiling?

More Support, less pressure!

Like the idea of more support and less pressure? Are you a Designer? Photographer? Developer? Consultant? Creative/Digital Agency?

We support businesses like you! Providing freelance marketing and operational support to take away some of the day-to-day pressures as a business owner.  We can help you to see the wood for the trees and establish a solid foundation on which to achieve your goals.

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More Support, less pressure!

Mixed Fortunes

What’s in a name?

That’s certainly an issue in one area of emerging technology. The thing that, not so long ago, we were all calling “augmented reality” now seems to go under a number of guises. Google brands it “immersive computing”. Microsoft has named it “mixed reality”. Others are using “hybrid reality”. About the only thing that’s certain is that no-one seems to be able to agree on what to call it.

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Mixed Fortunes